Gluten-free French Bread, oui merci!

8 May

Ever wondered about gluten-free bread? Neither had I until I started suspecting a gluten allergy. Enter Glutino French bread & pizza mix. As an intense bread-lover, I was wary; what would the texture and the taste be like? Would it even rise properly? The photo of the box sure looks tasty:

The instructions call for 2 eggs + 1 egg white, so I worried I would have a massive flop on my hands. Times be tight, don’t want to be making expensive mistakes – not that there is any gluten-free bread to be bought at my grocery store anyway. So it was either this works, or I don’t eat bread (for now). Moving along…

For the 2 eggs I used a ground flax + water mix, and for the egg white, powdered egg replacer. Totally arbitrary choices, really, I didn’t have time to check what other people may have done. Also, I don’t own a bread maker, so I used the oven method.

Here’s how it turned out:

nighttime in my kitchen = terrible photos

Amazing! Much denser than traditional French bread, but the taste was incredibly similar, especially right after baking. The ground flax seed added just a little bit of grainy-ness; I would probably opt for my original mix (I originally wanted to use flax goop for the egg white and powdered egg replacer for the other 2 eggs), next time.

I’ve had it with peanut butter and banana in the morning, as a “bun” for my tempeh burger, and with a little EB margarine straight out of the oven – super-delicious all three ways. The only problem arose when I decided to prepare my burger in the morning and leave it, assembled, in a container in my desk at work until lunchtime. The bread got a moist and became gummy. Literally, it stuck to my teeth and gums, real good. If you’re going to bring it for lunch, the best I can recommend is toasting it and keeping it separate in a cloth napkin or wax paper.

All in all, I’m fully satisfied with this bread mix. Maybe cutting out gluten won’t be so bad. This product doubles as pizza dough, and I’m already imagining the focaccias I can make with it; white with rosemary… sundried tomato and olive… yummmm.


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