Natural shampoos, a selection

13 May

Here we go: All-natural shampoos from the local big-box grocery store, a trial run.

A quick word about the JASON Apricot Shampoo: the apricot odour is off-putting, personally, but it does not linger. Your hair just smells like clean hair after using this.

The label info: natural Super Shine Shampoo, no Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, leaves hair nourished and manageable. Nourishes your hair with Certified Organic botanicals plus vegetable proteins and vitamins; the moisturizing formula will leave your hair super clean and manageable with superior body and shine.

I also tried:

The natureclean shampoo is formulated for allergy sufferers, is therefore scent-free. Here’s what the label says: 99.9% natural hypoallergenic/unscented herbal shampoo, that gently cleanses, nourishes, repairs with the extracts of fennel, mistletoe & seaweed. Exceptionally mild, perfect for individuals with allergies or chemical sensitivities; restores moisture and helps to repair the hair follicle, resulting in stronger, healthier hair; created WITHOUT: paragons, sulphates (SLS & SL-ES), 1.4-Dioxane, Petroleum ingredients, PEG, cocamide DEA dyes, perfumes, or any suspected carcinogens.

I had basically the same experience with both products. Both shampoos strip your hair of oil on contact it seems – if you don’t apply directly to your scalp, you’ll have to use more because the detergents do their work on whatever they touch first and there’s no lather left for the root of the hair shaft, i.e. you need more of this shampoo to get the same amount of lather as a regular shampoo. Maybe I need to get used to less lather?

My hair looked more wispy, dry and damaged at first, but after a couple of weeks of use, is silky and (as far as I can tell) strong. It DOES result in a tangled mess if your hair is fine like mine. Definitely have a wide-tooth comb with you in the shower to gently comb out your hair when you rinse. Unhappily, my hair tangles up a bit again in the towel, but it’s not too bad. The shampoos leave no (apparent) residue and have no conditioners in them, so the coordinating conditioners are probably a good idea to reduce tangles and control flyaways.

Those with thicker or oilier hair may not have the same problem I did. If you thoroughly wash your whole head, your hair will most probably feel a bit brittle once dry, a few more flyaways than usual. I say throuroughly/whole head because every other day is a root-only day. Until I get the conditioner, I can’t wash from root to tip every day, the ends will get super-dry. Lots of detail, I know; I’m hoping someone will find all this detail useful. I definitely like how my hair feels the longer I use these products, it just takes some adjusting.

Use natural shampoo regularly? Or do you dislike ’em? Let me know, I’m curious as to how they work with different hair types.

‘later greenies!


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