Dinner in the gaybourhood

26 Aug

I finally stopped by Fuzion during a trip to Toronto over the summer. It was better than I expected, but I keep my expectations low when trying new restos. However, it had gotten good reviews from acquaintances and I have to say, they weren’t wrong.

Here’s what I ate!

Yep, that is a huge honkin’ piece of tofu on the left. And it was delicious. Amazing marinade clearly, great seasoning, and crispy on the outside. On the right, rice with black beans served in the outer layer of an onion.

All the flavours were well-developped, great seasoning, there were no unlikely ingredient pairings, and, here’s a biggie for me, there was not too much salt. Overall, a well-thought-out vegan meal (well, vegan as far as I could tell, but I don’t ever grill my waiter on the specifics – boo me if you like).

My friends were equally pleased with their meals – the vegetarian gnocchi and the roasted lamb – and the dessert one of them ordered (raw cheesecake) was delicioso, apparently. The only problem with the whole experience: the cocktail I started off with was not awesome. Heavy on the booze taste, which is fine if that’s what you were aiming for, but I chose a super-girly mega-martini, so I was hoping for sweet & sinful. I didn’t try anything else, so really, that one martini might be their only stinker.

So, whatever, we had fun, our waiter was great, and the patio has a nice decor, is well separated from the sidewalk and faces out across Church towards one of the small parks, so it didn’t feel so much like we were eating on the side of the street.

If you’re in the area, check it out. It’s not a must-eat destination, but it has all the elements required for a great evening.


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