Natural First Aid

27 Aug

Just a couple of natural first aid products that are handy to have around:

Aloe vera : use to speed the healing of scrapes and burns, it can be squeezed directly from an aloe vera leaf. The clear liquidy stuff in the middle of the leaf is what you’re after, slice the leaf open if necessary. If you don’t have a plant, you can get the gel at a natural foods store.

Tea Tree oil : a natural antiseptic that can be used for cuts as well as fungal infections (athlete’s foot) and head lice. Before applying to a cut, dilute to a ratio of one part oil to two parts water. For head lice, add two drops of oil to 120 ml of shampoo. Don’t use on deep/serious wounds!

Lavender oil : can ease pain, relieve burns and reduce swelling, as well as repel mosquitos and ease the pain of bug bites! Amazing. For a burn, two drops of oil on the dressing is sufficient. A drop directly onto a bug bite should work fine. Also, if you have trouble relaxing before sleep, dap a drop on the edge of your pillow case, should help calm you down.

Baking soda : to calm bug bites and stings or soothe the itch of sunburns/poison ivy/chicken pox, make a paste by combining equal parts of water and baking soda. Apply directly to where it hurts!

Hear me out on this one: Banana peels : helpful with healing and soothing for bites & burns. This may not appeal to you, but you can apply the peel pulp-side down on a cleaned wound as a temporary dressing. The pulp of the peel can be rubbed on a bite/burn to lessen the pain.

One last thing: If you have a bee stinger in your skin, you can scrape it with an edge of a credit card to gently remove it. That is, if you left your tweezers at home.

Hope y’all found that useful/informative!


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