Objectively attractive

31 Aug

I’ve used this expression since my uni days to describe someone who is attractive by anyone’s standards. Take Angelina Jolie, I don’t like her much as an actress but I will freely admit that she is extremely attractive, and so would a whole lotta people, if not anyone in the world.

Apparently, there are some basic things that make anyone attractive, and some basic truths about looks, brains, and charisma:

  1. If you are good-looking, an interviewer will assume you are pretty smart and capable, but it only gets you so far. Higher intelligence and advanced education pays off in the end with a higher average income.
  2. If your friends would describe you as brave, hard-working, dependable or co-operative, you are likely also perceived as more attractive. Rude? Not so hot.
  3. Again, because I’m sure you’ve heard this elsewhere, but the two main features of objective attractiveness are great skin and symmetrical features.
  4. You can ameliorate the way in which your looks are perceived by showing interest in other people and accept them, two things that also make you appear confident. And confidence is very attractive.
  5. Laugh if you like, but a little swing in your hips or a little swagger in your step (however you identify, you can pick one or both) makes you more attractive!
  6. Ok here’s a sad one: women just plain old prefer rich men, and men prefer beautiful women. The claim is that it’s biological; beautiful = high quality offspring, rich = security. A heteronormative view, obvs.
  7. Even skin tone is more important than wrinkles. For women, nice skin indicates good health and reproductive capability, by association.
  8. The more time you spend with someone, a friend or family member for example, the more closely your standards of beauty will align.
  9. Here’s one that bothers me: Men agree more than women on whom they find attractive. A woman who is appealing to one is definitely appealing to others. I don’t know how this works, do some women get left out? If every woman is attractive to someone, then not all men truly agree on who is attractive, it’s impossible.
  10. One last one, a HOT TIP to anyone feeling insecure: don’t focus on your flaws, feelings of loneliness, or isolation. If you’re sensitive to rejection based on your appearance, you’re more likely to be anxious, neurotic, and insecure. This is not attractive. So indulge in some self-love (keep your mind out of the gutter) i.e. accept and love who you are. Barring dramatic plastic surgery, this is the face and body you were given, it is beautiful in its own way, so walk with your head held high, girl/dude.

So I don’t know how much I agree with any of these statements, but they are all partially true, maybe informative, and at least a little interesting, yeah?


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