20 ideas to help rejuvenate your body and mind

16 Sep

– detox your kitchen: throw out any item containing trans fats &/or that are high in sugar.

– book a night to talk to your mother, sibling, close friend, either by phone or in person: strengthening emotional bonds supports your immune system.

– wake up a bit earlier: use the time to go through your morning routine more calmly and mindfully.

– go for a walk 30 minutes after lunch &/or dinner, bring the family if you’ve got ’em.

– lift weights for 20 minutes at least twice a week, to strengthen your arms and shoulders.

– take time, every day, to do something for yourself, whether it’s reading a couple of pages of a book/newspaper/magazine, meditating, or listening to music you really enjoy.

– plan work-out dates with your friends: you’ll all benefit from the mutual encouragement.

– try to do as many errands as possible without a car.

– if you’ve got a dog or a cat, give it a belly rub: petting these animals lowers blood pressure and heightens your sense of well-being (unless kitty’s got claws and is moody).

– next weekend, plan an afternoon walk in a park, in the country, or in a quiet part of the city. Burn calories and calm your mind simultaneously.

– talk to your doctor about B-complex, coenzyme Q10 &/or alpha-lipoic acid supplements, if maintaining your complexion is a concern.

– get it on! Seriously, do it, it’s good for your cardiovascular health.

– snack smart: sunflower seeds, a seasonal fruit, a small handful of almonds or cashews, etc. Whole foods, not processed junk!

– look at yourself in the mirror, and smile.

– hit the stationary bicycle at your gym: 30 minutes’ll do ya.

– stretch! 20 minutes, twice a week.

– turn on some music and dance for 30 minutes.

– relax for 10 solid minutes: meditate, do a couple of simple yoga moves, or just do nothing at all. Just be.

– get outside! Go for a walk alone or with a friend. You could plan a post-work 30-minute-ish walk with a friend, very good for combatting stress.

– finally, you’ll sleep better if you turn off the TV and computer at least 30 minutes before bed time. Most sources say an hour, but I’m going easy on you (and myself; it’s hard!).


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