Vegan, without the attitude

27 Oct

I’m not going to point my finger at any particular culprit, because even though I am fired up by a specific comment, the attitude I have trouble with is not uncommon among vegans (often newbies).

So, vegans are “enlightened”? Veganism is the ideal to which all humans should strive? I’m sorry, no and no. I chose to try my best at cutting out all animal products because I feel like it’s my contribution to maintaining the health of the planet and its inhabitants. I don’t think meat-eaters are monsters. I think everyone has the right to choose the path that brings them the most joy, because life is short. I don’t support selfish, wasteful behaviour, but most non-vegans I encounter don’t behave like that. In fact (believe it or not!) some environmental activists, some of the people doing the most they can to help our planet, eat… dairy! Meat, even!

So, while I believe that my choices are good and helpful, and that decreasing the general reliance on animal proteins would be beneficial, all I ask for from non-vegans is an open mind. Happily, for every bacon-loving BBQ-ing meat-maniac, there are many more who are open to meat alternatives, are participating in Meatless Mondays, and who are cutting back on animal products in general.

I don’t think we’ll get anywhere with a holier-than-thou attitude or defensive snark. The only way that someone will change their mind is by changing it her/himself. So why not bring vegan desserts next time you visit a friend or relative? Serve fabulous meatless, balanced meals to dinner guests? And don’t go on about how awesome it tastes without animal products! Exposure to the multitude of alternatives and their general deliciousness is usually enough to get someone thinking. Not that conversion is my goal, but because of my beliefs, I like to spread the love! I sound like a religious fanatic a little bit, lawwwwd.

Adios, before I really get myself in trouble!


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