What can I buy in November?

1 Nov

Harvesting is basically over now in Quebec, obvs, but you can still get your hands on this local/Canadian produce:

Beets                                Mustard greens

Broccoli                          Onions

Brussel sprouts             Parsnips

Cabbage                          Potatoes

Carrots                            Pumpkins

Cauliflower                    Winter squash

Celery                              Turnips

Collard greens              Corn (probably)

Cucumbers (probably)

Eggplant                        Garlic

Kale                                 Leeks

Fruit-wise, we’re in the super-low season until May (*cries*): apples & pears, y’all, just apples & pears.

note: My formatting for these lists sucks, I know. I try to keep it alphabetical, but fixing the list when I want to add items is such a pain. So semi-alphabetical it is.


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