I little disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist, but I am a total nutrition/veganism nerd! Which means: I love to go into detail and do my research, but I’m not an expert.

On NerdyVegan, I’m aiming to give you my favourite/best recipes, prevent others from buying poor quality vegan products (& recommend better ones), and generally share what I’ve spent many moons trying to learn.

And a final note: I am committed to the principles of veganism, but I am also of the mind that flexibility is important, so please understand that I will (very rarely) break the rules. If someone has put time and love into making me a dish that is slightly non-vegan, I don’t turn them down. If my very old grandmother can’t understand veganism, I’m not going to try to change that at this point. And, if my waiter tells me it’s vegan, I believe him. I hope nobody’s offended, and can understand that while I want to do my part, there are the occasional exceptions 🙂 Love you veggies!


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