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(Brief) Book Reviews!

2 Dec

In the video I say that the first book is the least useful, but the last one isn’t particularly fantastic either and might be even less interesting than the first, considering that it doesn’t provide recipes using somewhat uncommon ingredients (which the first book does).

So here’s the list of the titles and authors:

  1. Les Produits Cosmétiques au Naturel: jeunesse et beauté avec les plantes de Brézil et de l’Amazone, by Estelle Guerven.
  2. There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, by Gillian Deacon
  3. No More Dirty Looks, by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt
  4. Bien Choisir vos Cosmétiques: comment préserver votre peau et votre santé, by Laurence Wittner
  5. Les Cosmétiques bio: leur histoire, leur création, leur futur, by Maria Bardoulat
I had a few more thoughts about the two English books since making the above video, so here goes!

The tone in “No More Dirty Looks” is conversational and casual, but I didn’t really enjoy the whole “bear with us we know this law/government stuff is totally boring” thing. I’m thinking, if you picked up this book you’re ready for some serious information, but it did keep the tone light.
At the end of the book they talk about broader lifestyle topics and occasionally get a bit preachy or condescending, depending on how you look at it. While dealing with the topic of eating eggs, they say eat them if you must, but “may we suggest cage-free?” My thoughts were: yes you may, but we cannot all afford it. Overall they seem to mean well and give really decent advice. I really appreciate that they did a lot of testing on themselves. Their anecdotes are fun little asides; they talk about getting all-natural highlights and other stuff.

“There’s Lead in your Lipstick” is a bit dryer, but as I mentioned in the video, it’s very nice to have a book written by a Canadian, I know I’ll be able to find most of the products somewhere in my city or on a site that will ship to Canada. The author’s motivation in writing this book was her research and experience when she found out she had cancer, so I have faith in her good intentions. Both books include do-it-yourself recipes, so if you want to control the ingredients touching your skin as much as possible, they’ll help you do that too.

These are just a few among dozens of books on this topic available at my library. I’ll probably post more reviews as I do more research, and please feel free to give me your recommendations if you have any!