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Favourite products for 2011 and brand rec’s

6 Feb

I meant to do this video earlier, but basically I wanted to let you know what my favourite products were for last year so that you could see which products stand the test of time. I like almost all of the natural cosmetics I purchased last year but these were the stars of the bunch! Also, it’s not Figs&Butter! Figs and Rouge… I have a bad memory. Also, this video is HD! I just have one other that was filmed on my Mac, all other new vids will be HD.

Products mentioned (and later today I’ll update this to tell you where you can buy them):

  1. Eco Tools blush brush
  2. Brush Guard
  3. BareMinerals Big & Bright eyeliner
  4. Ecco Bella blush
  5. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek
  6. Tarte Dark Circle Defense concealer
  7. Pacifica Persion (not Wild!) Rose perfume roller
  8. Kariderm Shea butter

And the beauty lines I talked about briefly:

BM Beauty



Evaluating and shopping for natural products

17 Jan

This video is a general overview of some toxic ingredients and a bit of a shopping guide. Hopefully you’ll find it useful! There are some links to other, excellent, shopping guides and ingredient lists below the video.

Just Beautiful Personal Care Products Shopping Guide (

Dirty Dozen Pocket Shopper’s Guide (David Suzuki Foundation)

Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics (Environmental Working Group)

*edit* Maybe a list of the ingredients I name in the video would be helpful! Should have posted this originally:

  1. Synthetic/coal tar dyes
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Fragrance/parfum
  4. Hydroquinone
  5. Mineral oil (another note: it coats your skin, locking in moisture, which is the so-called “hydrating” effect advertised for certain products, but it prevents the skin from releasing toxins; it’s an artificial way of having “hydrated” skin)
  6. Parabens
  7. Polyethylene glycol/propylene glycol (and 1-4-dioxane)
  8. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  9. Talc
  10. Triclosan
  11. Oxybenzone (disappointingly, is present in my Origins lipstick)

A less toxic kind of tutorial

7 Jan

I’ve decided to film some makeup tutorials, not because I am an expert but because there are not all that many natural/less-toxic makeup tutorials available online, and I’ve done quite a bit of product testing so I thought I would put that to work. This is a basic look but I’m planning on filming some slightly more advanced tutorials in the future; mostly re-creating popular looks, however.

Anyway, on to the video!

Products used:

  • Avene: Eau thermale
  • Green Beaver: Gluten-free lip balm
  • Couleur Caramel: Teint Hydracotton, cream foundation, in colour #2
  • Tarte: Dark Circle Defense concealer, in Fair/Light
  • BareMinerals: Eye shadows in Nob Hill and Queen Phyllis, and Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black.
  • Physicians Formula: OrganicWear mascara in Black, and pressed powder in Light.
  • BareEscentuals: Lipstick in Rock Candy.


Why make the switch? Why choose natural cosmetics?

26 Dec


Studies on phthalates:

and the Wikipedia entry:

Reliable web resources!

25 Nov

This is the second part of my introductory video, and in this one I talk about where you can go, on the internet, to find out more about natural cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients in general, and evaluate products. The web sites I mention are my favourites and two are just databases ( and, but there are several other sites that I’ve found to be informative and really good overall: : By the authors of the book by the same name; reviews, discussions, light-hearted and fun to read. : covers beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and even celebrities; you’ll find out what Miranda Kerr thinks of air travel and what Angela Lindvall does during a detox. : this site is associated with Annie Leonard, specifically her film “The Story of Cosmetics” (which I highly recommend) : A fairly comprehensive listing of all kinds of products. Under “personal care” they list toxic ingredients, Best, Good and Fragrance-Free cosmetics by type.

Lastly, here is a downloadable list of 100 ingredients to avoid, always handy to have around:

NerdyVegan has a YouTube channel!

21 Nov

Over the last year or so I’ve been doing a lot of research on safe/non-toxic cosmetics, household products, etc. This can get very overwhelming really fast, since there seems to be something bad in basically everything you use on a daily basis. Particularly troubling is the fact that all of this is having a visible impact on human health. So a few weeks ago I decided that I needed to share this info with as many people as I could; this is something a fair number of people have done, I admit, and generally in book format. I created the naturalcosmeticsnerd YouTube channel to communicate what I’ve learned in as easy-to-digest a format as possible. Like a lot of people, I don’t have enough time or attention to commit to reading long-winded blog posts (I am absolutely guilty of this, I can’t help but be drawn to more-is-more in terms of words), so I’m hoping short(-ish) videos will communicate this info in the best way.

Here’s a little intro I filmed to give an overview of the purpose of the channel. It cuts off short at the end because at that point I launched into another 7 minutes of discussion on web resources, so I chopped that part off and I’ll post it separately.