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Sunday Happy

26 Sep

This photo made me smile:

photo by The Sartorialist

I just had to put up this photo from Jil Sander’s Spring 2011 collection. These incredible saturated colours are really refreshing after what feels like an eternity of drab. Maybe it’s just that I live in a city where bright colours don’t get much of a chance, what with 3 fairly cold seasons. Winter coats are usually muted or dark, stores here mainly stock neutrals and softer colours (and generally those that don’t are the ones that cater to a younger clientele), but more than anything, buyers’ choices lately are just one big snoooooooooore. Why Montreal, a fairly adventurous city overall, should have a flat-lining fashion scene (in terms of selection, diversity, and innovation), is a mystery to me.

All social commentary aside, I hope Raf Simons‘ use of colour is as thrilling to you as it is to me, or that you’ve found something else to make you smile on this rainy Sunday.