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Reliable web resources!

25 Nov

This is the second part of my introductory video, and in this one I talk about where you can go, on the internet, to find out more about natural cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients in general, and evaluate products. The web sites I mention are my favourites and two are just databases (ewg.org/skindeep and goodguide.com), but there are several other sites that I’ve found to be informative and really good overall:

nomoredirtylooks.com : By the authors of the book by the same name; reviews, discussions, light-hearted and fun to read.

ecostiletto.com : covers beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and even celebrities; you’ll find out what Miranda Kerr thinks of air travel and what Angela Lindvall does during a detox.

safecosmetics.org : this site is associated with Annie Leonard, specifically her film “The Story of Cosmetics” (which I highly recommend)

lesstoxicguide.ca : A fairly comprehensive listing of all kinds of products. Under “personal care” they list toxic ingredients, Best, Good and Fragrance-Free cosmetics by type.

Lastly, here is a downloadable list of 100 ingredients to avoid, always handy to have around: