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19 Mar

I have so many video/post ideas, and a few videos that are almost 100% edited, BUT I have been short on time since early February. So if anyone is wondering: yes, more content is coming!

I also wanted to talk about how great it is that there seem to be ever more articles (newspaper/blog) on non-toxic cosmetics and household products. I was surprised to see articles on TheGloss (or an affiliated site, Blisstree, I don’t remember) on lead-free lipsticks, and making your own mascara. Over the last few years, beauty blogs have occasionally tested or mentioned natural products, but I have the feeling that bloggers are starting to take natural products and toxicity issues more seriously. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the tides are seriously turning.

Of course, the increased availability of actual products that respond to increasing demand for less/no toxins is fab as well. The increasing demand itself is reassuring to a certain extent; I am obviously glad that people are aware of potential dangers and are requesting better formulations, even better regulations for household and cosmetic products. However some have said that this phenomenon (household purges and then purchase of “green” products) is a fad, or just another way from consumers to continue to consume albeit with a lighter conscience. Does that make sense? I may be expressing myself badly. The New York Times recently ran an article that takes on this issue:

Is It Safe to Play Yet? Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins

I’d like to think that the motivation behind a switch to natural products is always honest (often it is done in the hopes of protecting your infant/child, as discussed in the article above), however there are ways of going about your switch that are better for the environment than others. The NYT article references the fact that many are perpetuating the cycle of consumerism despite having good intentions, which can be true. When you toss toxic products, you don’t have to replace each and every one with a “green” alternative. You could take this opportunity to think about your needs: what items can I actually completely live without but only feel like I need? A lot of specialized household cleaning products are superfluous, and a lot of others can be easily made at home or replaced by an effective natural all-purpose cleaner. Beauty salespeople/bloggers/vloggers definitely feed a consumer’s perceived need for a complete palette of eyeshadow (lipstick, etc) shades, but you can achieve most looks with a pretty simple makeup kit. I have a video planned for this topic and will hopefully be able to record it soon.

My head is totally buzzing with more ideas but I am, as usual, pressed for time. I will hopefully come back to these topics soon, in the meantime, thanks for reading!


Favourite products for 2011 and brand rec’s

6 Feb

I meant to do this video earlier, but basically I wanted to let you know what my favourite products were for last year so that you could see which products stand the test of time. I like almost all of the natural cosmetics I purchased last year but these were the stars of the bunch! Also, it’s not Figs&Butter! Figs and Rouge… I have a bad memory. Also, this video is HD! I just have one other that was filmed on my Mac, all other new vids will be HD.

Products mentioned (and later today I’ll update this to tell you where you can buy them):

  1. Eco Tools blush brush
  2. Brush Guard
  3. BareMinerals Big & Bright eyeliner
  4. Ecco Bella blush
  5. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek
  6. Tarte Dark Circle Defense concealer
  7. Pacifica Persion (not Wild!) Rose perfume roller
  8. Kariderm Shea butter

And the beauty lines I talked about briefly:

BM Beauty


Reliable web resources!

25 Nov

This is the second part of my introductory video, and in this one I talk about where you can go, on the internet, to find out more about natural cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients in general, and evaluate products. The web sites I mention are my favourites and two are just databases (ewg.org/skindeep and goodguide.com), but there are several other sites that I’ve found to be informative and really good overall:

nomoredirtylooks.com : By the authors of the book by the same name; reviews, discussions, light-hearted and fun to read.

ecostiletto.com : covers beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and even celebrities; you’ll find out what Miranda Kerr thinks of air travel and what Angela Lindvall does during a detox.

safecosmetics.org : this site is associated with Annie Leonard, specifically her film “The Story of Cosmetics” (which I highly recommend)

lesstoxicguide.ca : A fairly comprehensive listing of all kinds of products. Under “personal care” they list toxic ingredients, Best, Good and Fragrance-Free cosmetics by type.

Lastly, here is a downloadable list of 100 ingredients to avoid, always handy to have around: