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On using disposable goods

8 Oct

When the Swiffer came out, I was mildly horrified. A chemical-soaked synthetic cloth that you use once and toss? Ick. Then came all the other Swiffer-brand products, like that WetJet thing. I am seriously grossed out by the proliferation of these so-called “easy” cleaning solutions that add to the absurd amount of garbage generated by a typical household. I am grossed out with myself sometimes too, what with my reliance on paper towels and plastic produce bags and all. But let’s not be to hard on ourselves; and there are solutions, easy ones too!

I recently heard about reuseit.com and check out what I found:

The cure for Swiffer-itis! Forget about buying refills of disposable cloths – get the reusable ones instead. They pop into the washing machine after use, easy-peasy.

You could argue that although the site is pushing for reduced consumption through re-use, they do offer some disposables and are, like all company, out to make money on consumer goods. Although there are some single-purpose and/or not necessarily essential items on the site, I like the tone, the fact that it’s a 1% For the Planet member, and the accessibility of their message. Most of us are trained to like the glossy shopping experience, and re-useit has bundled it’s message effectively in that respect.

They have cute tutorial videos, a mythbusting section, and various fact-sheets – lots of info! So check it out!